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2008-10-11 17:11:20 by Johan1993

Working on a new album with a friend.

gonna finish off some solo tracks aswell lol.

Let's Celebrate everyone!

2008-09-26 19:55:13 by Johan1993

Yeah, it's true!, for the first time in my life :D, i got totally 120 listens on my song global panic 2008, thanks really much for enjoying my music Everyone, i'm really glad that you like it :D

P.S i actually discovered that one of my songs has 136 and another one 190 listens, so now, im alot more happier :D

The Music World

2008-07-14 18:10:30 by Johan1993

I'm thinking of starting make Hardstyle...i've practiced alot, but dont know if im gonna make some projects and post 'em here =P

What do you think??